I just surprised sarah and her crew and made lunch in the studio….l had just come from the union square greenmarket so I’ll call this the

"Farmers Market salad"

Grilled ciabatta, fresh turkey sausage, smoked Camembert, honeycrisp apple, the most beautiful mâché and arugula (thanks two guys from Woodbridge)
And roasted Japanese sweet potato.

The dressing was literally anything and everything I could find in a photo studio.

I wanted to compliment the peppery greens with a dressing that was a little on the sweeter side. I started with honey and french’s yellow, then a bit of EVO then I saw some sriacha (which I’m sure every photo studio has) then there was some sesame oil hiding in the back of a cupboard, the zest of half an orange and a slight squeeze of its juices and a few dashes of soy and fresh cracked pepper. The result was a crazy good Asian citrus vinaigrette.
I didn’t measure anything as I wanted to feed my peeps in a timely manner, so feel free to experiment for yourself!


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